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July 7-12
Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

Early Music Workshop
The Elizabethans: Music for the court, chamber and chapel
from William Byrd to Orlando Gibbons

The workshop will be led by Philip Cave, director of the early music ensembles Magnificat and Orpheus, with faculty members Sally Dunkley, Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, Steven Rickards and Michael McCarthy. Participants will join in coaching sessions, workshops and demonstrations of rehearsal techniques, as well as more informal interactions with workshop faculty.

We will also offer sessions for conductors. These sessions will include discussions on early music conducting techniques, music editing, and how to choose a good edition. Coaching will be available from the faculty members and opportunities to conduct will be provided.

This year’s theme will be The Elizabethans: Music for the court, chamber and chapel from William Byrd to Orlando Gibbons. The workshop is for all levels of singers from advanced high school level and up, choir directors and for those who simply wish to sit and listen and learn more about this glorious music, in an intensive six-days of seminars, rehearsals and performances. All performances will take place on the grounds of Washington National Cathedral and St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Wisconsin and Massachusetts Ave., Washington DC. No audition is required to participate in the workshop, but participation in the Workshop Consort is by audition only.

The Workshop Consort will be selected by audition from the workshop participants. Extra rehearsals and performances will be required in addition to the full workshop activities. The Consort will perform publicly at Washington National Cathedral services during the week. All participants are invited to sing a public choral prelude before Evensong in Washington National Cathedral on the final day, July 12, 2009.

For more information, call (877) 572-7251.

July 18
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC

Washington Early Music Festival Weekend 2009

An early dance workshop during the day, and a gala concert in the evening.

Coming This Month
Early Music Workshop

Washington Early Music Festival